Social Cipher

Social Cipher


Ready or not, you’re in for an interplanetary space pirate adventure.

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Meet Ava.

She’s a bright young girl who spends her days mapping the star-mottled universe. All her life, being autistic has presented obstacles that keep her watching it all from her telescope. When her brother goes missing, Ava must make a deal with a cynical space pirate captain to recruit back the wayward crew and embark on adventures she never could have imagined.


Where in the worlds?

In this narrative focused 2D platformer, Ava must rely on her trusty grappling hook and other abilities to maneuver treacherous realms and find the lost pirates. However, finding them is only half of the battle–she’s got to apply her knowledge to help the pirates solve their social quandaries. Only then can she bring them back into the fold, and ultimately find her brother.

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Engage in the Enigmas.

As she ventures through the strange and mysterious worlds, she’ll experience interactive stories that her maps could never tell. Worlds are filled with secrets and hidden objectives waiting for someone to find them. By engaging with the universe on her fantastical journey, Ava recognizes, and utilizes, the strengths within herself.