playtest with us!


We've got two types of playtesting groups to make our game as awesome as possible: Our Online Discord Community and our LA In-Person group. Read on to find out how to join!

Discord Community

Our (newly launched!) Discord community serves as a place for neurodiverse gamers to test the newest builds of our game, get an inside look at our development, and connect with other members. You can join the crew right below!

Los Angeles In-Person group:

We test with and interview real kids, families, young adults, and professionals in social-emotional learning and autism communities. At Social Cipher, we’re always aiming to create gameplay that truly represents and meets the needs of our players. We love holding discussions, game workshops, and speaking engagements with local gaming and education organizations. We’re always looking to work with people who are as passionate about gaming, neurodiversity, and education as we are!

If you’re interested in testing or collaborating with us, drop us a message right here !