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How it works

Step 1

Add players

Create a player profile in the companion app

Step 2

player codes

Share the player code with your client or child

Step 3

stream gameplay

Watch from your device as they log in and starts playing

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• An annual subscription of our web-based game, Ava–including our "Trust" and "Trying New Things/Coping with Change" modules, both with hundreds of dialogue choices for your students to play through
• Ava SEL Curriculum for both modules with learning goals and 20 session-length reflection/discussion activities
• Access to our latest resources (like our physical activity curriculum and comics coming soon!) and community opportunities

Access to our companion app, which gives you:
• Game access and profiles for the students in your selected tier
• Remote streaming to watch your students play Ava live
• The ability to track student gameplay session time

“We played with 5th - 8th graders and all of them really liked it. We had a lot of conversations about apologies. We had a lot of conversations about what makes a great friend. . . I would love to work with Social Cipher again. I cant wait to see what they do and I think this is a great project putting good into the world.“

- Maryanne Cullinan, Great Brook School

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Saves Time

It's easy to get started, and doesn’t take much time to prep.

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Teaches Skills

Students practice a range of social-emotional skills, driven by an exciting story, gameplay and curriculum inspired by their experiences.

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Enhances 1:1 Therapy Sessions

95% of counselors reported their sessions were enhanced using Ava. They were able to have more productive conversations with clients.

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