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Michelle Artreche

Created on:

April 19, 2023

World Builder: The Key to Reimagine Education

We've been hard at work and are thrilled to share that today we are launching a brand new game mode filled with limitless possibilities, World Builder! 

What is World Builder?

World Builder is our latest game mode that lets players design and create their own fantasy world while exploring the building blocks of SEL. Players can now design a world with their creative and adventurous spirit, whether building a home, a pirate ship, or anything else they can dream up. 

Social Cipher believes World Builder supports and creates: 

  • A more accessible type of gameplay for players who struggle with the platforming currently in Ava
  • A way for players to be creative and build whatever they want using a set of tools, similar to how players build with LEGO blocks

How does it work? 

World Builder is intended for single-player use. A student or client can use this tool in a class or counseling session where the facilitator prompts the player to create something from scratch through World Builder’s grid-based system.

Players can build whatever they want to express themselves. Facilitators can use World Builder as a way to start SEL conversations about what they built (i.e. Build what you think a safe space would look like), or even simulate a real-world situation for the player to go through.

We’ve had players build homes, ships, pixel art animals, and even design video game levels for their friends or siblings to play through.

Player 1 - "There's no place like home!"
Player 2 - "How a-boat this ship?"
Player 3 - "Waddle we do without Ava?"

How is World Builder different?

Most other World Builder games are more focused on building game levels, so most of the items players can build cater to that. Our World Builder game mode is more open-ended, players can create their own spaces that don’t necessarily need to be a game.

We also include more objects that can be used in the SEL context - such as emoji reactions and different characters to place in the space.

How can you benefit from this in your classroom or session?

Teachers and mental health professionals can use World Builder in multiple ways:

  • Get clients more comfortable and engaged during a session by having them build something at the start of a session
  • Provide prompts for the client to build on that can spark SEL discussions (i.e. Let’s build a home that makes you feel safe. Why did you use these objects?)
  • Build a scenario themselves and simulate a real-life situation for their students or clients to go through safely (i.e. Build a classroom and talk about what in the classroom could be a stressor)
  • Use World Builder as a way of developing executive functioning skills such as planning and organizing
  • It can also be a valuable self-regulation tool 

World Builder is a reimagination of education, the Social Cipher team has poured so much love into this new feature and we can’t wait to see what you create in a world of limitless possibilities! 

We are so grateful for your continued support and are very excited for you to try it! If you don’t have access to Ava get your subscription and start building today

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