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Michelle Artreche

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May 1, 2022

Ava, Episode 2, Quest 2!

We have a TWOtally awesome announcement to share with you. We are officially launching Episode 2, Quest 2 of Ava!

As we continue to cover the topic of Trying New Things—where we follow our favorite autistic space pirate, Ava, as she tries new things and works her way through social challenges, self-doubt, and connecting with her community.

Focusing on self-management and self-awareness, there will also be opportunities for discussions around relationship skills and social awareness:

- Self Management - Students will have the opportunity to identify coping skills and reflect on how appropriate they are for specific stressors. They will also reflect on assessing how well the coping strategies are working at the moment, how to troubleshoot difficulties implementing them, and reflect on how to ask for help.

- Self Awareness - Students will encounter situations with various setbacks and successes as they help Ava learn to identify her stressors and implement her coping strategies.

- Social Awareness- Students will learn how to identify and acknowledge strengths in others while developing empathy and compassion. They will learn to see things from other perspectives and practice responding with curiosity.

- Relationship Skills- Students will develop the ability to build and maintain healthy relationships. Not only will they learn how to communicate clearly and effectively, but students will also learn how to resolve conflict constructively while offering help to others.

Our goal is to provide your students with strategies that they can readily put into practice. Quest 2 has three main skills and takeaways:

1. Comfortably setting boundaries. Ava will be working towards setting appropriate boundaries, this can be difficult but she finds the support she needs in those she trusts. 

2. Identifying alternatives and asking for support. Ava will come up against difficult situations that might call for alternatives and potentially seek help—leading to creatively finding an alternate path that meets Ava where she is. 

3. Understanding others may have different coping strategies. Ava encounters a situation where she supports Lior through a maze, giving the students the chance to work out their own coping strategies, and the coping strategies of someone else they know.

We are so grateful for your continued support and we’re so thrilled about the release of new content—we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we loved creating it!

This quest is accompanied by a matching curriculum, a streaming platform to help educators and counselors dive deeper into social-emotional concepts with their students. Our neurodiverse team aims to empower neurodivergent youth and professionals to grow, play, and learn toward social-emotional success and self-advocacy through our game series and companion application platform. You can learn more about our team and work here, and get our game series here.

Interested in getting Ava for your therapy center or school for engaging, empowering social-emotional learning? Schedule a chat with us!

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